EDS RI Newsletter

Fire Victims Find Support After Devastation

Michael and Janet stood in the street as firefighters put out a fire in the living room of their home. Initially, nothing was going through their minds as the smoke came out of the windows and responders ran in and out of their home. But then, reality set in. “As we saw the smoke coming out of our living room we had no clue what we were going to do, we felt so hopeless,” Janet recalled. The police told them the fire was out but they couldn’t return to their home. The couple would need to find a place to stay. They were stunned and at a loss for answers.

When a police officer asked if they had anyone who could help, or anyone who they could turn to, they thought of their caseworker at The Salvation Army on Broad Street in Providence. "We’ve been to The Salvation Army for food and toys, but never thought we would need them for this. When we called Angineet at the Army, we weren’t sure if they could do anything to help, but they did,” Janet said. The caseworker got right to work, finding them a place to stay, connecting them with their insurance company, getting them food, clothing, and eventually appliances and furniture. "It was truly overwhelming, being able to help a family in need,” said Angineet Perez, Case Manager. “It brought me satisfaction being part of an organization that helps.”

Michael and Janet are having their home repaired and should be back in it soon. In the meantime, their insurance company is providing temporary housing while they wait. When pressed to think of who could help them, Michael and Janet thought of their friends at The Salvation Army. "Rhode Island is one big community and The Salvation Army is a part of that community,” said Major Steven Stoops, Rhode Island State Commander. “When one person in the community is hurting, the community pitches in as they can. Some give of their time, some give of their resources, others give of their own expertise. The Salvation Army's expertise is serving and helping and so it is no surprise that Angineet , our case manager went into action when part of the community was hurting. The Salvation Army has been helping people for more than 100 years in Rhode Island and were glad we could do it again for Janet and Michael.”

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