Grand Opening! New Salvation Army Family Store opens in Dayville, CT

DAYVILLE - The Salvation Army recently opened a brand new Family Store in Dayville, CT that is like no other! This location revolves around a central theme of upcycling and recycling, which has been the principal message for The Salvation Army for 150 years. Captain Leo Lloyd, who is the Administrator for The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center stated, “The store is all boutique style. We created all of our fixtures from scratch, even the wood and metal are recycled.”

Dayville Open video 01

The profits from the various Family Store locations go directly to assisting those with substance abuse and rehabilitating them back to sobriety. Captain Leo says, “There is a connection in all of this. We take stuff, re-purpose it, give it a new life and then take the proceeds from that and do the same with people - redeeming their lives and giving them a fresh start.” Through the process of the ministry in The Salvation Army, gaining a relationship with God, and working out the issues of life, The Salvation Army helps foster a regeneration of the spirit, body and soul of humanity.

Dayville Open video 02

Shopping at The Family Stores not only helps us do the most good, it’s also an economically friendly choice. When customer Tessie Baker, of Norwich, was asked what she loved about the store the most she responded, “It really is totally different. This is my first time to go to one as magnificent as this one. It’s clean and so organized.”

Dayville Open video 03

Baker’s love for the new Salvation Army Family Store was clear. All you had to do was take a look at her three shopping carts full of various items. “There’s brand name handbags, purses, shoes and suits and the prices are excellent. It’s amazing, I just love this store!”

Captain Leo urges everyone to come together and double our efforts so that The Salvation Army can help eradicate the battle with drugs. Come on down and check out our new location, and let us know what you think!

To schedule a large donation pick up, please visit or call 1-800-SA-TRUCK (800-728-7825).

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